Bum Burner Salami

Bum Burner Salami

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Some like it a little hot, then others like it really hot! This Salami is about as hot as they come.

When first introduced at the markets even the toughest of men would be left whimpering, however you need not fear as we have dialled it back a little.

If you're not a fan of hot food's we'd definitely recommend you steer clear of this one. However if you're the kind of person to add jalapeño and extra chilli to your burger you should be able to tolerae this when combined with a soft brie or quince paste. Alternatively if you're the kind to eye off the Kung Pao Chickenn at your local Sichuan house then this is right up your alley!

Carolina Reaper... need we say more!

Original cacciatore recipe with 3grams per kilo of 

Carolina Reaper powder

Approx. 300 gms.

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